The summit of modern heavyweight greatness was more of a chess match than heavyweight boxing. Anthony Joshua defeated Joseph Parker on points 118-110, 118-110, 119-109 to claim the third major world title belt. Anthony Joshua is the proud owner of WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO belts.

The refereeing was pitiful as all the clinch-fighting and inside fighting were disallowed by Giuseppe Quartarone, the referee. He was constantly separating the two, making people believe that it was an amateur Olympic bout. The referee intervened every time a real fight broke out. Therefore, rather than being a real fight, it was a fight which was contested at a distance.

At the halfway mark, it was the Londoner Anthony Joshua’s great stamina and fitness that made him the winner. While both men landed heavy shots, Anthony Joshua said that it was an honor to share the ring with the six feet six inches Briton, Joseph Parker.

Next, Anthony Joshua wants Deontay Wilder in the ring; however, it looks unlikely. Through a winner, there’s still a long way to go for the four-belt world champion. Talking about his successful win, he said, “My strategy was to stick behind the jab – it’s one of the most important weapons – a good jab will take you around the world. I was switched on, focused and went 12 rounds. It was light work.”

Just like sports marketing professionals, Parker had a clear plan in mind to win the match. He planned to circle his opponent, use his jab, look for the right opportunity and then wait for Joshua to retire in the late rounds. However, his strategy did not work as the opportunity never came.

Afterward, Joshua said, “Parker’s a good young fighter, I’m sure I’ll fight him again, but let’s get Deontay Wilder over here to get an undisputed champion of the world.” While Parker had the right strategy, it was not good enough as Joshua’s jab took the fight away from him after the second round. Joshua further added, “This was about boxing finesse – I stuck to my word. I know what it takes to be a champion.”

Later, Parker was quoted as saying, “I felt good, I need to work harder on more things. He was a bigger, better man today, but I’ll be back.” Dignified to the last, Parker refused to blame his defeat on the referee.

Earlier, the WBA heavyweight no. 1, Alexander Povetkin brutally knocked out David Price in the fifth round after he was able to survive a knockdown in the third round. Thus, Alexander Povetkin is also being seen as a potential opponent for Joshua. While this may not be the greatest spectacle, “The Joshua Show” goes on.

So, what’s next for Anthony Joshua? Well, we all need to wait to see who this world champion is going to beat next. All we are going to say here is well done, Anthony Joshua. Hope to see you win many world heavyweight boxing championships ahead.

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