YouTube sensation Logan Paul has had two boxing bouts, one professional and one exhibition. No word as to whether he will stick to exhibition, however, Paul is set to fight Mike Tyson, after a rumored $65-million dollar contest against his brother Jake Paul.

If the fight actually comes to fruition and Paul vs. Tyson ever stepped inside the square circle, the boxing predictions from the media and pundits would unanimously favor the former heavyweight champion Tyson.

Mike Tyson has always held ferocious power in his punches. He was never scared to get inside with his opponents and threw bombs. Even in his exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr., Tyson swung for the fences, but was never able to finish the fight. The two fought to a draw.

Tyson fought Jones Jr. in 2020 and the last time Logan Paul fought was June 6, 2021 when he fought to a no-decision against the man considered the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It was considered a no-decision because the bout was not scored.

“That is the fight for the money. Those are the money-making fights, those guys got 35 million people to watch,” Tyson said last year.

“Yes. Hell, I would fight them. They would fight me. That would make a lot of money. Hundred million dollars, they do anything, they don’t mind getting beat up for a hundred million dollars.”

No venue has been set, but it sounds as if it could happen early this year.

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