Billy Joe Saunders appears to be in spectacular shape as he looks to have benefited from training sessions with former Welterweight World Champion Kell Brook. Saunders’ is preparing for his fight against Willie Monroe Jr on September 16th. Brook has joined Saunders at his training camp out in Fuerteventura.

Billy Joe Saunders Training with Kell Brook for Willie Monroe Jr Bout 

Joining Ingle’s Gym

After recently relocating to Dominic Ingle‘s gym based in Sheffield, Saunders is living in the attic of stable mate Kid Galahad which appears to be a major boost for the British boxer. The healthy competition and environment provided by fighters at Ingle’s Gym appears to be having an immediate effect. Living the life of an elite boxer requires the ability to expand new ideas and strategies. Including diet, nutrition and punishingly hard training sessions which are par for the course for the usual preparation or post fight ritual.

Since winning the WBO Middleweight title in 2015, Saunders has endured a frustrating time. Seeing potential big fights with Gennady Golovkin, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and long time rival Chris Eubank Jr, unfortunately, slip away.

Saunders produced a blistering performance against then-WBO World Champion Andy Lee to earn a majority decision and claim the title. That came after a victory in a thrilling fight with Chris Eubank Jr which was supposed to be the springboard for greater fights. However, what followed was a series of missed opportunities as the clamor for him to be involved in huge match ups just didn’t come to fruition.

His one and only title defense came in December 2016 where despite a rather pedestrian performance, Saunders managed to come through unscathed and claim a unanimous decision against Artur Akavov.

A Different Level

Boasting a newly honed physique on the Box Nation Twitter account, Saunders clearly feels in good shape and is keen to show what a difference his new camp is making with promoter Frank Warren revealing that Billy Joe said “I would say my attitude towards Boxing as a whole is on a different level since I have been in the Ingle camp”.

Too much inactivity has blighted Saunders in the past two years that showed in ring rust and questionable conditioning. That has now changed with the switch to Ingle’s Gym who-lets not forget-have produced the likes of Prince Naseem Hamed and, of course, Kell Brook.

A seemingly healthier lifestyle and a strong new work ethic whilst immersing himself around competitive, hungry fighters will have the Hatfield boxer hoping for a return to elite-level fights.

The key is fighting regularly, continue winning and make your claim undeniable. If Saunders is to keep winning in impressive form, big fights are bound to happen. Saunders can become that big name for himself. After all, the likes of Golovkin or Canelo will want to unify soon enough and holding a belt raises Saunders stock for a potential super fight.

For Saunders, inactivity has definitely hindered his marketability. With the move to Ingle’s Gym, benefiting from the training of Kell Brook, an emphatic victory could finally secure that pivotal moment in the 28-year-old’s career.

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