With the news becoming official early Monday morning that Tommy Fury was indeed out of his scheduled matchup against Jake Paul on December 18th, Paul wasted no time going on the media rounds to hype up his new fight. 

With Fury out it just so happened that Tyron Woodley was available to step in but that didn’t mean Tommy Fury was out of the mind of Jake Paul.

Jake Paul Moving on from “Weirdo” Fury’s

Jake Paul as mentioned was making the media rounds and he made two stops on some big shows with the heavily reported MMA Hour but he first made a stop on The Pat McAfee Show early Monday afternoon. Paul was only on the show for ten minutes but he had a lot to say including discussing his diet of raw eggs and liver as well as comparing himself to Canelo Alvarez as being the only active boxers.

His main talking point of course though was Tommy Fury and his reason for pulling out. Paul stated he had only been aware for 24 hours and that “They called me up and said it was a chest infection and he had a cough… he was taking antibiotics to see if it would get better but then they called again and said his ribs were broken then too… He even made up that his mom was sick to avoid a press conference… I believe he wanted out of the fight…”

Paul then took a weird turn though by going after the Fury’s as a whole. Jake Paul went on to say that “The Fury’s are known for this… Tyson Fury has pulled out of five fights and they are just a bunch of weirdos…”. He referenced John Fury as being the chief reason for this belief based on his mannerisms, actions, and his record for being in jail for 11 years regarding a fight where he pulled the eye out of a fellow Traveler. 

He did go on to discuss Tyron Woodley though since he was stepping in. He mentioned that when his management team called Woodley that they stated Woodley was planning to fight three times in 2022 so he had already been in shape.

It will be curious to see who and where else he looks to fight in 2022.

The cherry on top of it all was that he reminded everyone the state boxing was in before he got in 13 months ago. He compared himself to being to boxing what Uber was to taxi and travel in general. The simple Uber app completely changed the way things are done “just as Logan and I have…” would go on to say, and while he certainly has brought new attention to the sport and some of its fighters such as Amanda Serrano, I do think at this point the statement is a tad of a stretch.


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