The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us. Tell me, what is actually more exciting than a final rematch fight for a winning title? Tons of MMA fans live for this moment, and we get to witness an intense rematch fight in just a few days.

The Bellator welterweight Grand Prix is sadly coming to a close, but with a sweltering rematch for the title, we can’t wait to watch.

Douglas Lima will finally be getting his rematch against Rory MacDonald on October 26th at the Mohegan Sun Arena. This title is extremely important, especially to Lima, as this is his chance to come back and perhaps prove he’s the better fighter against MacDonald.

MacDonald and Lima won’t only be fighting for the Welterweight title, but some cash too. The winner will be swimming in doe as a whopping $1 million grand Prix prize will be awarded as well.

Rory MacDonald was the champion in the previous match at Bellator 192, and won with flying colors (a unanimous decision), ouch. Tons of Bellator fans will be tuning in to watch the fight of the season, as Lima will fight to steal the title from MacDonald. In Lima’s case, he will be taking BACK his title, as he’s won the belt twice before.

In a recent interview with DAZN with host Robin Black, MacDonald and Lima sat down to chat about the fight. Much to our dismay, there was no trash talk, only respect from both fighters.

Host, Black said, “Is it tense at all?… You both seem a little awkward to be honest,” referring to the interview set-up and how the fighters were acting while being in the presence of one another.

Both fighters laughed, “Not really… Our job is to fight, not talk in front of the camera,” said MacDonald.

“I honestly get more nervous in interviews than fights,” said Lima.

After some more back and both, both fighters agreed that while the one million dollars is great, it’s just an added bonus. It’s the Welterweight Champion title that both fighters are itching to grab.

While there were some rumors flying about as Rory MacDonald briefly spoke about retiring, he buried those comments in the interview. He told Black, “I have a long time ahead of me, doing this job.”

It’s good to see both fighters are in good health and excited to get into the ring. We love a good defending title winner, but what’s better than an underdog win? What are your predictions?

We are betting on Rory’s perseverance and overall stamina in comparison to Douglas Lima. While Lima showed more interest for the title, we suppose MacDonald was playing humble- as we all saw what happened in the last fight.

Both fighters have had a great overall season, but a title fight- sorry, a rematch fight will be sure to keep us on edge. We have our money on Rory, who do you have?

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