Fury Slams Joshua for Boxing Takam and Then Makes Startling Revelation

The unbeaten 29-year boxer Tyson Fury is planning to make a return to the boxing ring next year, and has his sights set firmly on a British Showdown with the winner of the 2012 Olympic gold medal.

Fury criticised Anthony Joshua’s fight against Carlos Takam, and then went on to label the 36-year old a ‘midget’ before making his surprising announcement.

Fury Says the Midget Can’t Beat the Gypsy King

The fighter wants to get back into the ring next year, and has stated that, if Anthony Joshua is having such a hard time keeping his own against a much smaller opponent, he will have no chance against the Gypsy King, as Fury is known.

When speaking to iFL TV, the former unified heavyweight champion stated that he had watched the fight between Takam and Joshua over the weekend, and thought that Joshua was really struggling. He used the words glorified midget to describe Takam, and then quickly apologised to any midgets he may have offended, since he likes them, adding that he had even slept with a few.  

Joshua Just Doesn’t Compare to Fury, According to Fury

Fury then said that Joshua may well be tough and brave, but he simply wasn’t Tyson Fury. He wasn’t 6”9 and 18 stone, and still able to turn on a dime. He then said that if Joshua had struggled so much to ward off Takam, he would have absolutely no chance in the ring with Fury.

Big Talk from Fury before his Comeback

In much the same way that players talk about the online roulette NZ wins they see so often yet you never witness any evidence for, Fury then stated that he was positive that he would be cruising to an early victory if he ever faces up against Joshua inside the boxing ring. He went on to say that he would leave the 28-year old fighter looking like The Elephant Man, no doubt just before apologising to elephant men everywhere, perhaps even sleeping with some, as he sets out to reclaim his previous world titles.

Fury then insisted that he remains the ultimate heavyweight fighter, and mentioned his IBF, WBA, WBO and IBO wins. Fury said that the contemporary belt holders had not managed to beat champions, with all of them only winning fights against mediocre boxers who were past their prime.

No Disrespect Intended, of Course

Fury then added that he did not mean to disrespect Carlos Takam, Dominic Breazeale, Eric Molina, or Charles Martin, as they are no doubt doing their best, but all they must work with was what God has given them, and they simply aren’t Tyson Fury. Seems like he learnt his attitude from Floyd Mayweather, who has also said similar things in the past.

He finished off by saying that, until he was beaten, he considered this division to be his, and that his two-year hiatus should give them a good chance of beating him. He said that he would be the underdog in all his fights, but this was something he was used to, even after he whipped Wladimir Klitschko for 12 rounds in Düsseldorf. He made sure to mention that he was still young and handsome, and although he was a little fatter than usual, the ladies loved it.

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