There is a rumor floating around that the “Messiah of the Back Breaker”, Roderick Strong, is the one that is going to take down the current NXT Champion, the Glorious one, Bobby Roode.

Could this be a good thing? It has been reported that Roderick Strong has made quite the impression on Triple H and many other higher ups at NXT. Prior to NXT, Strong was one of the staples of the independent wrestling scene. He has traveled all over the globe having incredible matches, and his hard work finally paid off in October of 2016 when he was brought into the ever-growing NXT brand.

Roderick Strong almost immediately reportedly grew on the NXT staff, as well as the fans who have been behind him. The people behind the scenes at NXT seem to have confidence that Strong can bring the brand to an even higher point than it is right now. So, does this mean Roderick Strong could be NXT Champion? Not just could he be, but will he be the NEXT NXT Champion? It could happen, and just might!


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Well to start things off I have never been good at writing. When I was a kid in school I have always failed reading and writing and still is today. I have went to college recently and have failed the writing again and took time off to hone these skills. I think wrestling and having a wrestling group to write for is what has helped me become a good writer today. My Name is Erick Lypen I am born in 1993 and not a moment goes by that I watch Wrestling, I love it all. I love Independant Wrestling more than any other, because the success you watch with the struggle to a success in another company is what wrestling is all about for me.


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